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Own Branding & Manufacturing

OBM means that manufacturer design labels, develop formula, and produce products, then buyer responsibly to sell products. Buyer has to decide packaging with manufacturer. After filling, buyer will authorize manufacturer stick brand label on products, then pack and deliver finished products to customer.

ODM/OBM Process

自創品牌 & 客製化詳細流程

Step 1. Customers' needs

Customer raises their requirement, then we share our experiences, provide success project, and demonstrate production process, such as bottle wrapping, product formula, product design, and product quality analysis etc. After communication, we will provide a product proposal to our customer.

Step 2. Product Positioning

To realize product character, market positioning, competition analysis, we will draft a sales proposal and make competition strategy to assist sales to evaluate marketing direction and is it available to conduct.

Step 3. Proposal

Submit a product proposal and discuss with customer about product direction. Let customer to realize marketing advertisement its importance. We familiar with marketing condition so can assist customer to know how to make a profit accurately.

Step 4. Product Design

Our company has professional design team to design labels and packaging, also co-operate with printing factory. A perfect packaging can increase competition in marketing. Furthermore, we have wrapping service and various bottles selection that can save time for customer to searching factory and material.

Step 5. Sample Testing

The main function of lab contains natural plant extract test, microbiological examination, sampling, and safety examination…etc. Our most of raw material are imported from different countries. Before delivering samples, we will test its efficacy and quality through skin tester.

Step 6. Customer Confirmation

After confirmed the formula of products, we start to conduct a series of process, such as bottle disinfection, filling equipment, perfect packing design. We will inspect products quality through various testing to confirm products' safety and stability.

Step 7. Production and Printing

Product design and commercial product are separate procedure but they can process at the same time. Our overall services are including product development, packaging confirmation, and then forming. Therefore, production process can be fast and stable under a perfect procedure.

Step 8. Quality Examination

● Establish a product examination standard.
● Evaluate delivery goods quality and examine incoming material records.
● Define specific product quality control method under customers' request.
● Provide quality report to ensure product quality.
● Examine manufacturing process so that we can maintain product quality.
● To keep improving product quality and manage delivery time.

● To provide quality examination reports so that can chase product quality.
● To examine finished product to confirm raw material quality. 
● To prevent same problem occurred when customer complains product quality.

Step 9. Delivery goods

In order to confirm product quality, we will examine product before delivering goods. Each product will be strict to examine, only qualified product allow delivering. INYI can provide constant temperature warehouse to store product for beginning entrepreneur or entrepreneur has limited place to store products. We also cooperate with professional shipping company so that products will be safe on the way.

Note: Warehouse only can place goods for one year.


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